Mindstone Maven is a management & Business Consulting firm that provides management bandwidth wide range of services to corporates and commercial entities. Founded in 2016 in New Delhi with its headquarter located in NOIDA (India).

Mindstone Maven continues to expand its national network while providing high value-added management infrastructure and consulting support to clients in expanding their business operations and broad-base their penetration in India.

Our ethos directs us to challenge all constraints in our clients’ business and operating models and to provide consulting services as ‘Partner’ for them. We possess some of the finest minds from diverse industries and the team provides resource-support in all aspects to our clients. Mavens at Mindstone come with rich experience and from diverse background to provide a stable base of management team partners for clients. Precisely for this reason, our Consultant is known as ‘Maven’.

Our Mavens examine our clients’ operations in most exhaustive manner and build solutions that are non-disruptive and pragmatic from deployment perspectives. Mavens do not just advise solutions, but they also implement advisories as ‘Partners’ of their clients.

We will continue to serve our clients as their ‘Partner’ in expanding their success stories with the aim to assist them in pursuing business operations not only in India but also in overseas market.

Our Growth Strategy

Mindstone orients its growth plan around mid-segment entities. We believe strongly in leveraging the strengths of the mid-segment companies by providing them an efficient and cost-effective management infrastructure in all spectra of their business. In our expert opinion, domain expertise cannot be enough to have sustainable business trajectory, Business needs a sophisticated and mature management infrastructure that could create, align and realign strategic growth plans and can also execute such plans on ground for taking client business to next level of economic strata.

We possess one of the finest minds from broad array of industries and together they provide resource-support to our clients. These minds are called Mavens and they are experienced professionals and they possess general and specific intelligentsia to challenge any constraints, in our clients’ businesses, with complete control.

Our Market Expansion Plan

Based on growth strategy and on broad-base competencies with us, we focus on deepening relationships in the existing market as also to establish footprints in newer local markets, across India. The expansion plan focusses on establishing Cluster and Branch Offices across Country and those local centres are decided purely on judging the level of economic activities in and around the centres.

We attract best of the minds from premier institutions in the Country, at present as also believe in bringing-in practitioners introducing risk-mitigation based approach for anything that we undertake to perform.