Challenge faced: Revamping the business model for a hospital project by a leading Central University in India; Building Consensus among 35-membered Committee; Financial Modelling with the idea of generating Surplus (and not suffering from from deficit, and dependent on Govt. Grants)
Our Client is a public University being funded by Govt of India. It is one of the largest and the most advanced set-ups in medical education & healthcare delivery services in the eastern part of the Country. The institution is located in one of the most populous geography in India and serves vast majority of population for their healthcare need. The institution is, so far, publicly funded and state of the art in its own way. Mindstone team was hired to advise on an innovative model that could solve the issue of deficit funding, and to provide a world class futuristic healthcare facility at par with similar facilities in developed countries. Our Investment Banking team was able to construct an innovative and self-sustainable business model for the proposed healthcare facility of 120+ bed hospital in the much-needed specialized areas of Spinal Injury and Patient Rehabilitation. The model generates surplus good enough to make the facility self-sustainable, thereby, saving precious government’s financial resources, while being the most sophisticated healthcare system.
Mindstone team not only created the innovative business model, but also triggered the change management process and was able to build consensus to win the approval of Institution’s highest-level Committee with absolute majority with 24 votes being cast in favour of the model. The business model and the proposal has now been forwarded to Govt. of India for approval.