Challenge faced: Product market challenging and start-up finds it difficult to move on with limited capital to support above the line and below the line activations in a large market place.

Mindstone has been invited by a Pharmaceutical Distribution Company based out of Delhi. Our client Company is an exclusive license holder for marketing and distribution of uniquely placed ayurvedic medicines healing difficult ailments like hypothyroidism, diabetes, gall-bladder stones, tumor, etc. Mindstone’s engagement is holistic and as part of this exercise, we support Client’s corporate governance processes, supply chain engagements, including but not limited to structuring and setting up upstream & downstream supply chain terms of engagement, launching of innovative distribution model covering primary, secondary and tertiary levels, etc., brand communication, and channel penetration with ATL/BTL activations. Our intervention is ongoing, and it has been helping the Client in increasing its footprints in the market place in progressive manner. Besides Corporate Governance, Mindstone also handles Client’s capital raising programs, branding activities, supervising and managing sales & marketing of the products in markets. Mindstone has been involved in setting up the management team who lead the operations of the company. Further, field sales processes and implementation of the same has been swiftly achieved. Innovative processes have been built in the various departments to render critical functions in a timely and smooth manner.