Why to join Mindstone Maven LLP

Mindstone Maven is a young organization where Quality, Innovation and Clarity in thoughts (QIC) are not only valued, but also nurtured in every mind. Precisely, for that reason, we are different, and we are ruthlessly disciplined. Our work-ethics on being in time is never compromised, and we are mentally strong. Needless to express that we are not a good alignment for job-seekers, who lack entrepreneurial skills, resourcefulness and dedication!!!

Mavens, while being generalists, are experts in each of their own fields, are continually engaged in the pursuit of improvement and perfection. Mindstone has a dynamic work-culture with no barriers to communication with a flat structure. We select a very few who demonstrates exceptional capabilities to innovate, to work in constraining environment involving change management, and who can be self-accountable to their own benchmarks.

Mavens consistently meet the highest standards of delivery by marrying their learnings, rich experiences and out-of-the-box original thinking. They are expert hands habitual of creating customized solutions for myriad problems faced in the business environment and ensure novel methods of implementing the same in real business situation.

We always welcome young and analytical minds from all walks of business life and look forward to having a professionally enriching relationship with each one of you.

Showcase your capabilities to join a Challenging Career, and not an Ordinary one!!!

Career Opportunities at Mindstone Maven LLP

Mindstone offers career for undergraduates, masters, MBAs, Engineers, other financial degree holders and experienced professionals from various backgrounds. We are young organization, and therefore, our prospective team members must possess highest level of analytical mind and dynamic character. We employ professionals with flair to travel and to adapt to the multi-centre working culture.

Our Culture

Our business run many businesses, and therefore, our people are the biggest assets for us. We have a diversified team and culturally we are always open to learn new things. Our culture intrinsically breeds cross-functional knowledge and openness to change.

Our Selection Process

We have a scientific selection process for our teams. We select for consulting assignments, as well as for deployment in our own subsidiaries. Our selection process always requires candidates to go through following levels of screening:

  • Aptitude Test (written) testing primarily abstract reasonings and general intelligentsia.
  • Interviews: This round can be of multiple rounds, depending upon candidate and the role that the candidate is looking for.
  • Results are declared only to successful candidates, and no negative declarations are generally published by us.

write to us with your area of expertise or send your resumes to connect@mindstone.in to know the openings